Green Collar Vets Goals

Our goal is to ensure that those men and women, who have served our country with distinction, and who are now interested in civilian careers that focus on clean and healthy air, food, energy, and water for all generations to come, have a cutting edge training program to prepare them for employment in the green industry and a  guiding hand to find more than just a job, but a sustainable career.

The end result will provide a competent, professional workforce for the installation, operation, maintenance and management of green products and services across the country and the globe.

Green Collar Vets is a nationwide organization that promotes operations at a grass roots level. We believe in the power of local communities to support their own veterans’ needs and opportunities, as well as their local emerging Green industries.

 Currently our mission is to educate and inform Veterans, Supporters and Employers by providing the most content-rich, up to date and interactive website of its kind on the internet.  We seek to gather information from our visitors and tailor our cutting edge re-training programs which are slated to be launched in 2013.